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Guatemala has been in the news this week… A LOT!

Some of it has made international news, some of it just local, and some of it has mainly stayed within the CAM missionary community.  But regardless of the scope, there is a lot going on in Guatemala that warrants our prayers:

  • Less than 20 miles from Guatemala City, and even closer to Antigua, the Pacaya volcano has been erupting for 3 days, causing some deaths and closing the Guatemala City airport.  CAM missionary colleagues and friends Glenn and Judy Stewart live in Guatemala City and wrote about the Pacaya eruption on their blog.
  • Tropical Storm Agatha is reeking havoc across Central America, making the volcano situation even worse for many.  Devastating mudslides are a widespread problem.
  • A small plane crashed this week in a densely populated Guatemala City neighborhood just a couple blocks away from the SETECA Bible Seminary (note: link to news article is in Spanish).
  • Also in Guatemala this week, tragedy hit close to home for the CAM family when Jaime Rodriguez (director of a missionary training center) and his brother-in-law Ruben Guevara (pastor of a CAM church in Costa Rica) were both shot leaving a bank in Guatemala City.  After 5 hours of surgery, Jaime did not survive.  Ruben appears to be out of danger but is still recovering.

Thank you for praying for the people of Guatemala this week, and for the 7 CAM missionary teams serving there.


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