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Here is a one page PDF file containing our February 2010 Prayer Letter.

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What do Philadelphia and Phoenix have in common?  Think beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.

I’m hanging out this weekend in Phoenix with my good friend and fellow CAM missionary Eric Weaver.  Eric is from Lancaster County, PA, and knows a good Philly Cheese Steak when he sees one.  Even though we are 2,398 miles from Philly, Eric introduced me to Corleone’s in suburban Scottsdale, with authentic Philly beef and Cheese Wiz imported from PA, and cooks behind the counter with a Philly attitude.

Also enjoying the Saguaro Cacti everywhere I go…

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12.5 inches

12.1 inches was the 1964 record for Dallas.  But when our snow stopped falling early this morning, we were at 12.5.  Enough to bring down a pretty big portion of the ONLY tree in our yard, and enough weight to threaten our aluminum carport (it is visibly bowed, but the snow is melting off fast).

The biggest threat posed by this snow storm?  Tonight’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony.  Our satellite dish was covered in snow.  But Nathan got up to the roof and took care of it.  Nathan wins the first gold medal for saving the Olympics!

Nathan Saves the Olympics

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7 inches and still falling.  This will set an all time record for Dallas if another half inch falls.


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Feb 4th: Happy Birthday Erin

Erin and friends stayed up all night to celebrate her 11th birthday, complete with a sleepover tent in the living room set up in front of the “campfire” in the fireplace.  It was girls night.  The boys watched Star Trek.

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